Satire: Trendy Evangelical Christianity…


2 thoughts on “Satire: Trendy Evangelical Christianity…

  1. I’m not a fan of Wretched for a number of reasons; but it seems to me evangelicalism suffers from a tendency to be into the wrong things and be against the right things. Instead of valuing individuals, there’s a tendency to treat all churches as if they’re the same and should respond the same way. I think the church should really take a look at it’s rules (no women pastors) and look for the exceptions – the hand-picked Mary’s trained by Jesus to step up and be leaders that we’ve been consigning to the role of Martha as if all women are the same, that would let some men step down from the role of Paul even though they’re just meant to be an Apollos. When we do that, we won’t need any trends.

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    1. Hi Jamie. Thanks for your comments 🙂 I also have some theological differences with Wretched when it comes to the issues like cessationism. However, I do appreciate their desire to preach the gospel properly and to “contend for the faith,” by exposing serious error in the Church at large. Admittedly, I haven’t yet done a sufficient amount of study into the role of women in the Church, so I can’t respond to that particular issue in an informed manner. However, I will certainly embark on that endevour at some stage. Thank you once again for commenting 🙂


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