Recommended Resources

Please feel free to browse through these Christian websites. Although I enjoy reading the articles from the following websites, I do not necessarily endorse all the theological views of these ministries.

  • A blog by Peter Whitcombe – Senior Pastor of Jesus First Church in New Zealand and Founder of Issachar Ministry Training Academy. If you’re interested in issues relating to Israel and the Church, please visit:
  • Ministry of John Piper – Senior Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, Founder of Desiring God and Chancellor of Bethlehem College and Seminary. It covers a wide range of issues relating to the Christian walk. Please visit:
  • Ministry of John MacArthur – Senior Pastor of Grace Community Church in California, President of the Master’s University and Seminary and Founder of Grace to You. Please visit:
  • Ministry of Gary Wilkerson and the late David Wilkerson – Fmr. Senior Pastor of Times Square Church, Founder of World Challenge and Author of the Cross and the Switchblade. Please visit: